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A Mixture of Dissimilar Ingredients

A mishmash collection of happiness :)

My Last Days:  Meet Zach Sobiech

This video has been making its way around social media the past few days. I finally got around to watching it and cried for the full 22 minutes. But this isn’t about me…it’s about Zach. Such an amazing person, and an embodiment of how we should all view our lives. Two years ago today, a friend of ours passed away in a boating accident. His family didn’t have the type of closure that Zach’s family has had, and his friends never got to say goodbye. I don’t know what’s harder though…preparing for the end, or having it come suddenly. I guess getting to say goodbye and making sure all of your relationships are ending on a good note is very important for those who live on, but it must be painful. Watching his family and girlfriend speak about him was heart wrenching because I couldn’t bear to think about what they must be going through…and how it would feel if it was me in that position, talking about my brother. Zach’s life, though it was short, has touched millions of other lives now, and that’s pretty amazing. Bad things shouldn’t happen to good people, but they do. And it sucks. But it takes true courage and strength to find the good in a bad situation and bring out the best in those around you as well. 

Thank you, Zach. 

1 year ago